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From time to time, we all get impulses for change. It might be because we get inspired… A new possibility might occur to you… You get a flash of insight… A situation in your work or personal life challenges you… Most often it’s because something has gotten worse than you’re willing to tolerate and you say, “I’ve had enough!”

Jerry Seavey, Personal and Professional Life Coach and International Master NLP Coach Certification Trainer, is now taking new clients.

Special Introductory Offer- First 3-Coaching Sessions: $575

(Individual Coaching Sessions are $225 each, or $600 for a block of three 50 minute sessions)

Because coaching sessions by phone or Skype are available, it is easy to fit coaching sessions into even the busiest life.

For a free, pre-coach session interview to discover for yourself what you will gain from coaching in the specific areas where you will benefit most phone: +919 771 2227. Or email-

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