earth logoOver the past quarter of a century NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has become the leading edge methodology in effective communication in professional and personal development, as well as in business, education and coaching. NLP is an innovative set of tools and techniques that create change; and as such is an incredibly powerful discipline that enables people to enhance their personal excellence and potential in all areas of life.

The company now known as MindBridge International NLP Training Institute began presenting personal and professional development trainings in 1971. During the past 42 years MindBridge has grown to become  one of the most respected and leading-edge NLP Practitioner, NLP Masters Certification, and NLP Professional Coach Certification Training Institutes in the world.


Why choose the MindBridge International NLP Training Institute?

MindBridge NLP Trainings deliver what other training companies can only promise and we have consistently provided the highest quality and respected NLP Practitioner and NLP Professional Coach certification trainings, worldwide, for over 30 years. Certification from MindBridge International NLP Institute assures that you have the highest level, internationally recognized, NLP credentials and the most up-to-date NLP Coach training and skills. The MindBridge NLP Coach Dual Certification Training is ICF (International Coach Federation) approved ASCTH and is also credentialed by ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming). (credentialing)

Our background is deeply rooted in the NLP model for leading-edge achievement technology and we strive to keep abreast of the most significant developments in the field of NLP and Professional Life Coaching.

Questions to Ask When Deciding on an NLP Coach Certification Training

Today, huge numbers of people have taken NLP training and many people go on immediately to claim to be ‘NLP experts’ and even offer NLP training. The questions to ask yourself is do you want to trust your experience to someone who is relatively new to the field? How much real life experience and what type of training credentials do they actually have behind their program and presentation? Anyone can take a trainers training but what does that mean for you?

MindBridge trainers, with over 35 years of training worldwide, are solidly grounded in their knowledge, experience and personal application of NLP and Professional Coaching. The MindBridge NLP Coach Certification Training and your certifications are ICF approved and ANLP credentialed. (Who We Are)

Training Assistants

Training Assistants are certified NLP Coach/Practitioners and Master Practitioners and have demonstrated a commitment to achieving excellence through the NLP Coaching model. Each assistant is engaged in utilizing the NLP technology in their personal and professional life and are committed to providing help and support for the seminar participants.

  • MindBridge International
    MindBridge Institute has presented trainings worldwide. Teaching NLP and Personal and Professional trainings throughout the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungry, Poland, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Venezuela, the West Indies, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • 10 Thousand People
    In the past 42 years, MindBridge Institute has taught over ten thousand people, from all walks of life, the skills, techniques and knowledge that helped them to achieve a higher quality of life.
  • Just a few of the companies that have sponsored NLP Trainings
    American Express, BMW, General Motors, IBM, Century 21 Real Estate, AT&T, Southwestern Bell, Mobile Oil, VMX, A.B. Dick,


Some of the companies where MindBridge NLP Training Institute has presented trainings:

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Abu Dhabi
  • Chalhoub Group, Dubai
  • Habchi & Chalhoub, Kuwait
  • Hidada, Saudi Arabia
  • Xenel, Saudi Arabia
  • US Government (Special Forces – MISB)
  • Bennett & Co. Manufacturing, Newburyport, MA
  • Boston Public School System, Boston, MA
  • McCue Corporation, Portland, Maine
  • MBM Law, Ottawa, Canada
  • Digital Computer Corporation
  • Proud Group, Toronto Canada
  • IRD Ltd, UK
  • Global Desk Ltd., UK, France
  • Fiasal Jassim Traiding Co., Dubai, UAE
  • GSK, Durham, NC
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Right Choice Business, Raleigh, NC Les
  • Laboratoires Servier-UAE, Oman
  • NC Association for Medical Equipment Services, NC
  • VA Durable Medical Equipment Company, Richmond, Virginia
  • Emergency Room Physicians, ACEP, USA