Modern physics has changed our concept of the material world. Particles are no longer seen as consisting of any basic “stuff”, but as bundles of energy. Reality is fluid. Nothing is fixed. All are patterns in constant motion; even solid rock is a dance of energy. The universe is dynamic and alive and we are in it and of it, dynamic and alive ourselves.

These discoveries about the nature of reality can be a major force for our continued change and growth. We can choose to live more creatively and powerfully. We can no longer stand on the sidelines watching things happen to us, there are no sidelines to stand on. Everything is effecting everything else.

Global Mind
by Jerry Seavey

How do your personal plans fit in with the rapid changes taking place in our global society? What goals do you have? How effective are you at initiating your personal change (programming) and motivating yourself? How intuitive are you? These are major factors that will affect what kind of life you will be living in the years to come.

Change is guaranteed. How you change is choice… but only when you know how!”

There is one investment in this world that is a sure thing an investment in your self and your future. The more you learn about yourself and the inner workings of your mind, the more you will be able to tap into positive resources to help you make changes you want and need. There is no better place to learn about your mind and how to use it than in a Essential NLP Mind Training.

‘There is a connection between all human beings and everything else in the universe.’ This statement has been proclaimed for thousands of years. Long before science, with its precise measuring of the atomic dimension and quantum physics was able to verify this fact of the physical unity of the universe.

There is also another type of connection that does not seem to be of the physical dimension. It is the ability to use another dimension, the dimension of mind, to detect and to impress information on matter using mental faculties. This demonstrates a connection between the subjective and objective dimensions. It is the basis for most prayer, ESP, psychic healing and distant viewing. This is our non-physical, spiritual connection.

Although there is much about the human mind that science does not yet understand, we have learned a great deal about how to use it in a way that makes our life easier, happier, healthier and more fulfilling. Training the mind for more enhanced functions seems to be a natural part of our human evolution.

Mind’s influence on health is a well accepted fact in the medical community, personal growth is a way of life for a very large segment of society, and intuition in the business world is a must.”

All over the world people are coming together to learn more about themselves and their brain/mind. This knowledge and behavior has already changed the world and the way people think and live. It has produced a global change… a Global Mind.


About the Author


Jerry Seavey, co-founder of MindBridge International NLP Institute, is a dynamic, inspiring and highly skilled international speaker, a personal/professional coach and NLP Coach Certification Trainer and a leader in the field of mind development. He and his wife, Marilou, have taught NLP and Essential Mind Power Trainings world-wide for more than 35 years and are also co-authors of the Nightingale-Conant audio program, Universal Mind Power.