People are Saying the Most Wonderful Things About the NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training

MindBridge NLP Coach Training

As business professional, CEO with 25 years of experience at senior exec and board level, I have run businesses in the UK, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Korea.

A trusted friend who had completed the course and spoke very highly of the training and the presenters, recommended the NLP Coach Training to me.

Having evaluated many courses, I was confident this program would give me the depth of knowledge as well as the tools and techniques to build on my years of experience in coaching and mentoring people in business.

I learned a great deal in the interactive sessions with my fellow course members. It was refreshing and stimulating to spend such quality time with them.

Attending the seminar was engaging, stimulating and motivating I learned a great deal about myself as well as the course material. Some of this self-awareness was challenging, but I felt completely secure and supported throughout. And I thoroughly enjoyed the integrity of the instructors, their compassion and genuine passion for their subject.

Initially I thought the weekend programs would be challenging as this was normally family time – after the first weekend I was so energized that my family and friends gave me unlimited support. I have re-paid that support many times over by applying what I learned in the course to my personal life.

Confidence in coaching, a solid set of tools and techniques, a support network of fellow coaches, friendships and a renewed sense of purpose were just a few of the many benefits I gained from the MindBridge NLP Coach Certification Training.

It has been immeasurably helpful in my personal life and has meant that I have been able to coach others and make a real difference to their lives. This in itself has been tremendously rewarding.

It’s given me away to combine my personal and professional lives in a holistic and purposeful manner – to me that is priceless.

Without doubt, the greatest value I received was to discover, by applying what I had learned in the seminar, that I could help people be better than they ever thought possible

Don’t wait. Once you have completed the seminar you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

Phil Munroe, Business Professional

The NLP Coach Certification Training is amazing and gave me just what I needed. I really appreciate the way they had just the right blending of coaching skills information and first hand learning experiences. It allowed me to immediately start my Professional Coaching business and I now have long term clients. It not only increased my income, it also led to other business opportunities and greatly expanded my consulting and training company.

G. Arthur, Professional Coach and Consultant, North Carolina

The best part of the training is that all insights and knowledge are attained by the trainee in a short period and in a safe, comfortable training environment.

Sikander Khan, business manager, Dubai, UAE

Jerry Seavey, the Coach Trainer was highly focused and outcome driven with thorough content knowledge. He was positive and supportive, but also willing to challenge to achieve excellence at a pace that allowed for self-discovery.

Michael Todd, teacher, Dubai, UAE

I loved the training because it was a great balance of input in terms of theory as well as enough practice and actual experience and it had a well-formed structure.The whole Coach Training made such a big difference for me. It’s not only something you do for becoming a coach and setting up a coaching business, you can apply all of the skills in your every-day life as a manager, spouse, or just coaching yourself for personal and professional growth.

Monika Wiesner, businesswoman, Dubai

What I gained in the NLP Coach Training has been extremely useful. Not only by helping me to be more effective and valued at work, but also by allowing me to help my spouse and family to take giant strides forward in their lives.

Mary M., Senior Executive Manager, Massachusetts

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