By: Jerry Seavey and Gail Gorman

Imagine a world where each of us accesses the greater potential of our mind. It’s that perfect place where, at every moment, you feel the presence of universal energy enriching your being and you know that you are not alone.

You see that intuition and manifestation are simply a natural part of the way we live. We hear the earth’s song as it resonates around us, through us, and collectively we are in tune. Each of us with mind-body-spirit in complete harmony.

That world is here now and its complete manifestation depends only on your learning an effective way to use more of your mind. On these next pages we’ll show you some secrets for doing that. This is a guide from the Essential NLP Mind Training for enhancing your inner resources, and with practice you will free yourself to manifest a life of health and prosperity in all areas: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and universally.

First and foremost, consciously choose to create a life of your own design in accord with universal principals. It is the most important step when programming for success. It is not enough to simply intellectualize. To succeed, you must impress the vision deep within your mind so that your higher conscious and your subconscious mind are in alignment.

Remember, you want to take advantage of resources you’ve missed in the past. Those resources come, at least in part, from the energy of alignment.

So how do you align yourself? Remember the expression “You are what you think”? It is especially true when you are thinking at the inner conscious levels of mind. This level of mind has been called the meditative state, alpha levels, trance or self-hypnosis, creative intuition or even contemplative prayer. Certainly you’ve heard it called the subconscious or higher-conscious or even deeper levels of mind. No matter what you name it there is one defining principal, an inner focus of awareness. By turning our attention inward, we become aware of what was once subconscious, transforming it into inner-conscious levels of mind. Now you are in a state of mind more in tune with universal consciousness.

At this level, attention becomes intention and that is the first step to manifestation. It is a form of dynamic meditation that is developed with practice and with it you will gain the benefits of both passive and active dreaming. You will connect the higher conscious with the subconscious and gain enhanced intuition and manifestation skills.

This is not new. Most of us already know it and in fact many of us have already used it at some time or other in our lives. Now we want you to incorporate this energy, this state, into your everyday routine. Make it an integral part of your daily life. Don’t just use it for special occasions and then tuck it away for future use. Exercise it! Like any other part of your being, the more you use it the better it works. Your mind is no different from a muscle in that sense. If you exercise it, it will work better. And like exercising, if you do it with a group like going to a gym or playing some sport, you’ll do it more. Also like exercising, your internal self may resist and erect any number of creative roadblocks to keep you at status quo.


The Inner Key to Success

In a recent Essential Mind Power Training, one of the group’s businessmen mentioned that he had several positive experiences envisioning his goals but sometimes he’d get distracted and forget what he was doing. Or he’d forget to practice altogether. Even though he had already experienced success, he could not get himself to do it on a regular basis. He almost felt as if something was actually stopping him. With this man, as for many people, there was an inner conflict, a part of his mind that kept him from practicing.

With him and with many of us something limits us. We can hear a voice and feel the effect. Sometimes we can even see it. Maybe it takes the shape of a family member or a friend or perhaps an authority figure telling us not to be so foolish. If you too have this, you know how it limits you, but did you know that it actually has a positive intention?

For our friend, it was the fear of failure. Underneath it all he was only attempting to protect himself from disappointment. For others we have worked with it is the fear of change, actually the fear that under the new circumstances they might fail. For a woman who could not loose weight it was fear of the attention she would get if she were thinner. She worried that she would fail to handle this new attention graciously. So if you find that when you want to exercise your mind something generally gets in the way, remember that there is a way to address it in a positive manner. Here is the way we addressed our businessman’s conflict. You can tuck it away for times when you need help.

Turning to Tom we said, “Simply stand with both hands out in front of you palms up, elbows bent, as though you are holding an object in each hand. Close your eyes and say, ‘On the one hand, I want to exercise my mind and get better at manifestation.’ Choose one hand to represent that goal as an image or energy symbol and bounce it in your hand as you speak. Bring to mind some of the reason you want this goal.

“When you have finished with that, physically turn your attention to the other hand and say, ‘On the other hand, I don’t make time to exercise my mind because…’, and listen carefully for how you finish that sentence. You may speak aloud or to yourself, but repeat the sentence and continue to answer until you find the right set of words. Look for words that cause a sensation in your body, something that tingles or maybe you feel in the gut. When you notice a physical reaction to your answer, then you’ve probably got a core issue in hand.”

Once Tom nodded to indicate that he had his core issue, we asked him to tell us what it was. He said, “I’m afraid that I won’t do it right and even if I do get it right, the world I manifest for myself, I won’t be good enough to hold onto it.”

“So the positive intention of your inaction,” we said to Tom, “is to protect yourself from disappointment?” He agreed. “And the positive intention of manifesting your goals is to live a life you desire?”


“Tell me, Tom, do you ever have disappointment in the life you have now?”


“And in this new life, the one you will manifest, will you have less disappointment?”

“Oh yes,” he nodded.

“So the intention of manifestation is to have less disappointment, in a manner of speaking?”

“That’s one way to look at it.”

“And the intention of not manifesting is to have less disappointment?”

“Oh…” and with that, Tom’s hands equaled out, each at the same height and distance in front of him.

“So both manifesting and not-manifesting have the same positive intention, to protect you from disappointment?”

Now Tom was smiling.

“Now that you see that and you can hear it, bring both positive intentions together, merge them and bring them inside of you and feel it.” Tom brought his hands to his chest and absorbed their contents, opening his eyes.

“I can do this, it feels natural to practice daily!” he told us and, importantly, he continues to tell us that when he visits our trainings.

In fact, it’s easy to turn conflict into resolution, fear into freedom and bad habits into healthy ones. You can manifest your dreams. Bridge your deeper levels of mind and your higher consciousness. Align your goals with the positive intentions of any conflict you find. Acknowledge your concerns without having to limit your dreams. Be sure you prepare to succeed.

Now that you are ready, here are a few stretching and building exercises to fine-tune your skills.


Mind Power Training Exercise-

First, read the rest of this article to become familiar with the steps in the process, then do your best to follow the instructions. It is quite alright if you open your eyes at any points in the exercise to review the steps and then go right back and pick it up where you left off. After a few times, you will easily remember the steps.

When you have read this and you are ready to practice this exercise, find a comfortable sitting position in a quiet place where there is a minimum of distractions. Take time to prepare the area, turn off the phone and ask your family or friends to allow you a few minutes to yourself.

Now sit comfortably, but not so comfortable that you might fall asleep. Do not lie down, for instance. The idea is to relax, but remain awake.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and while exhaling decide to let go of any tension you notice in your body. Take another deep breath and relax a little more, feeling tension you might not have noticed before as it drains from you. Now, take a third deep breath and relax completely as you enter deeper, healthier levels of mind. It’s okay if there is a little mind-chatter, just let it float in and out. It’s even okay if, occasionally, you feel distracted. Simply allow your mind to come back to focus.

Then bring to mind a goal in some area of your life, be it health, relationships, career, lifestyle, personal development, whatever. Focus on what you want to manifest. Imagine it as if you have already achieved it, as an accomplished fact.

Be specific, visualize the sights, hear the sounds. What is the feeling of the experience of having manifested this goal. Notice how you will feel having achieved this goal. What you might be saying to yourself and others?

Be sure to envision your future in its positive form. State it as something that you really want, not something that you don’t want.

Now, imagine this particular goal or situation in three different categories – realistic, optimistic and dreams – one at a time.

First, how would you experience having achieved this goal in a realistic manner? What you are certain is possible for you and easy to accomplish?

Second, how would the goal manifest if it were represented more optimistically, even though it may be a stretch? How would the first realistic picture change or be enhanced if you got your goal and were actually lucky enough to have gotten it even better than you thought possible?

Now, how would it be if this goal were to manifest as your dream version, not bizarre fantasy dreams, but more like Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” See the vision of your dream.

Take a few moments, you have all the time you need. Live your dream; experience it fully and completely. Notice the effects it has on you and on your life, how your life would be different and for the better? What are the benefits it brings, for you and for others? And as you impress this dream-vision deeply within your mind, say to yourself, “This or better than this! Let my dream manifest in the best way for all concerned.”

When you have completed the above exercise, take a few moments to mark your calendar. Note that you have done it! Then choose a day for the next time to reinforce the goal. Write it down as an appointment you are looking forward to and take the time to prepare. Commit to yourself and ask for others to give you the few minutes you will need of peace and quiet for the appointed time. Then, when that time arrives, go through the exercise again. Reinforce and reaffirm the dream-vision for your goal.

You can use this tool in any area of your life. It is simple but very powerful. Use it, you make the difference.


About the authors

Jerry and Gail are authors and leaders in the field of personal and professional development.

Jerry Seavey is a dynamic, inspiring and highly skilled international speaker, a personal/professional coach and a leader in the field of mind development. He and his wife, Marilou, have taught NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Certification Trainings and also the Essential Mind Power Training world-wide for more than 35 years and are co-authors of the Nightingale-Conant audio program, Universal Mind Power.

Gail is a MindBridge graduate and published author who has personally used the skills developed through these exercises. She, like others, has discovered her own extraordinary powers of mind and uses them to create a better world for herself and those around her, a world where intuition is used in every facet of life for better health, wellbeing and abundance.

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