IS959-063Banishing Stress
by: Jerry Seavey
The ability to effectively handle stress and to control and direct one’s energies is a fundamental secret of improving almost any situation. It is important to be clear about priorities and make sure that stress and negative feelings will not sidetrack you.

Cycles of Change
by: Jerry Seavey and Gail Gorman
Centuries ago, people didn’t think the world was changing very much. Their grandparents had the same lives that they did. But the pace of change is accelerating, and the last 20 years are not a good guide of the next 20 years.


goldfish jumping out of the waterAlmost Instant State Change
by: Kevin Creedon
Is it possible to shift from negative feelings to more resourceful feelings in the moment, without prior planning?

Leadership Agility
by:Josephs & Joiner
Managers who operate at the levels of agility needed for success in today’s turbulent environment use four leadership agility competencies in concert with one another.

Coaching Article

published in Gulf News

If you are one of those who limits his capabilities by worrying about making a living instead of enjoying life and living in the moment, it’s time you sought the help of a life coach.

Has Anyone Found My Lost Motivation
by: Jerry Seavey

The idea that we can be ‘stuck’ or stopped from achieving an outcome due to a lack of motivation is an interesting concept.

Mglobe in handanifesting Your Dreams
Jerry Seavey and Gail Gorman
Imagine a world where each of us accesses the greater potential of our mind. It’s that perfect place where, at every moment, you feel the presence of universal energy enriching your being and you know that you are not alone.

Global Mind

by: Jerry Seavey
“Change is guaranteed. How you change is choice–but only when you know how!” How do your personal plans fit in with the rapid changes taking place in our global society? What goals do you have? How effective are you at initiating personal change?

What Do You Really Believe?
by: Marilou Seavey
Beliefs are like the central information highway that the quality and meaning of your experience flows through. Beliefs are the result of judgment and meaning that are consciously and unconsciously assigned to experiences.


Tools for Optimism
 by Jerry Seavey  Optimism motivates individuals to take control of their lives, while worry has been found to have the opposite effect. Learn 6 amazingly simple but extremely effective tools to maintain a positive attitude when you need it most.

Jerry Seavey
There are hundreds of things that you can work on with your Coach. Here are the top 10 reasons to hire a Personal/Professional Coach.