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NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Certification Training

Mastery is about personal excellence… and more important, how to bring that excellence to every aspect of your life… Take the next step

Where the NLP Coach/Practitioner Training taught the necessary basics of NLP and Coaching, the Master Practitioner Training will pave the way to free up your potential by taking you deeper into the realm of professional excellence.

In this NLP Master Practitioner & Advanced Coach Certification Training you’ll experience the most recent and powerful developments in NLP and create the foundation of advanced skills and patterns that few in the NLP and Coaching community have the privilege to acquire.

This is more than your average NLP Master’s training. This is leading edge in NLP and NLP Coaching skills. Typically, these advanced skills are only available at considerable expense and by traveling great distances. You can experience the most powerful and comprehensive training available in Dubai — starting this October.

The program will be presented in a manner that challenges you to continuing personal as well as professional growth. Because of the ideal group size, with the attention to detail and the opportunity to practice in a supervised setting, the class gives you immediate and constructive learning experiences.

*Note: Professional Coach Certification and NLP Practitioner Certification required to attend this training

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you always wanted to do… Do it now!”

– Paulo Coelho

NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Certification

There is no need to be concerned about memorising the material. The experiential format allows you to integrate the patterns as you learn. The outcome for participants is deep structure learning. Through this course you can’t help but grow as you learn new ways to re- map your experience at new levels of opportunity.

This upcoming Masters Certification Training is centered on the exploration and discovery of core beliefs and identity… the heart of self-mastery.

With this training, and for the rest of your life, you’ll be able to make choices and create experiences that were once only dreams. In this program there are remarkable techniques, in a supportive environment, to help you bring your outcomes to reality. We earnestly hope you will join us.

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*Note: To attend NLP Masters / Advanced Coaching Training requires prior NLP and Coach Certification

The NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Certification Training builds upon the skills you learned in NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification Training and presents the core principles underlying the change process. 


This training will take you beyond Coach Practitioner level to more generative transformation of beliefs and identity. Using advanced techniques, you will learn how to let go of old limiting belief systems and replace them with new, more empowering ones. You will experience the only certified training of Identity Presuppositions, a remarkable new process to install deep structure identity patterns

Learn the NLP Masters approach to make your life be more of what you want… and bring these skills to your clients!

MindBridge Focuses on Lasting Results

We know that the long-term success of MindBridge is intrinsically related by putting the development of our students first. That’s why we deliver live trainings that provide an opportunity to get immediate feedback in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.

We focus on delivering lasting results by helping people open their mind to a wider perspective, changing how they think and feel, and focusing on strengths and positive outcomes. We believe that the only way we win is if everyone else wins as well. Our graduates will attest to our efforts and philosophy of helping them meet their goals in every way possible. And to further assist our students in becoming leaders of their own lives, and to continue fostering the power of “choice” around thoughts and feelings.

Comments From Previous Participants

I feel as if NLP has given me the tools to solve or make sense of the un-solvable in my life. I feel more in control and more in the flow… Each session I have come away awe-filled with the feeling that this material is incredibly important… This has been the most engaging field of study I have ever undertaken.

Leslie Bell | Coach & Educator

The (Masters) training has given me first hand expedience with extremely powerful and useful tools for change for both myself and others. It has allowed me to re-learn and vastly improve my sense of capability and self worth… Since the second to last weekend, I have had an incredible sense of security. These changes have resulted in ongoing empowering thoughts about myself and my work with others.

John Purchase

The Practitioner and Master NLP courses have changed my life… The courses have given me many more options and choices, so my life has expanded and is richer. With more confidence and a sense of deserving I am going for my dreams unconditionally. I feel great!

Marilyn Westlake | Artist