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About NLP

What is NLP?

NLP is a system of skills and tools to increase effectiveness in communication and for creating results driven outcomes. NLP is the world’s most powerful methodology for helping people create success and experience fulfillment in their lives.

The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming symbolizes how the relationship between the brain, language and our programmed behaviors affect what we create and how we act on opportunities in life. Since our experience is the basis for our beliefs, values and assumptions, we act and react in direct relation to our perceptions.


Each individual has established their own unique mental filtering system for processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. Our first mental map of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as result of the neurological filtering process. We then assign personal meaning to the information being received from the world outside.


We also form our mental maps by assigning language to the internal images, sounds and feelings, tastes and smells, thus forming everyday conscious awareness. We then communicate both verbally and nonverbally to achieve our desired outcomes and express our experience.


We then have a behavioral response that occurs as a result of neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic maps. We are excellent in certain capabilities, mediocre in some and incompetent in others. Some of our ‘programming’ helps us to get our outcomes, while some hinder us. The good news is we can reprogram ourselves and others.

Why NLP / Professional Life Coach Training?

Our comprehensive NLP Coach Training programs provide exceptionally useful tools for helping you achieve higher levels of personal excellence and to develop the professional NLP Coaching skills that you need right now and that you will continue to use throughout your life.

For the results of your NLP and Coach training to be truly effective it is critical that learning takes place in an environment that uses a blend of live demonstrations and supervised exercises, with feedback that refines and integrates your learning experience.

Also, you will want a balance of presentations with question and answer periods along with resource material that you can continue to use as you continue to further develop your skills.

That is exactly what you’ll find in our MindBridge NLP programs. You will be learning in a highly supportive atmosphere where the trainer and staff are fully available to assure your maximum results and you will receive the highest quality training manuals and support material. And the MindBridge NLP Coach Certification Training is ICF approved and ANLP board credentialed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

MindBride Trainings offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of its certification trainings. Here’s how it works: Attend the first two days of the NLP Coach Training. If you decide that the training isn’t for you, just let us know by the end of Day 2 and return your manuals, and we’ll refund 100% of your registration fee. No questions asked.