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Our NLP Coach Trainings

MindBridge NLP & Coach Trainings, with more than a quarter of a century of international experience, is considered one of the  most respected NLP and Coach Certification Training companies in the world. MindBridge delivers what other training companies can only promise We have consistently provided the highest quality and respected Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner dual certification  trainings, worldwide, for over 40 years. Certification from MindBridge Trainings assures that you have the highest level, internationally recognized, NLP credentials and the most up-to-date Professional Coach training skills.

Professional Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification Training

This training will take you from novice to competency and give you powerful coaching skills and NLP tools for positive influence in your current job – or ready you to build a coaching business from the ground up.

NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Certification Training

In this training you’ll experience the most recent and powerful developments in NLP and create the foundation of advanced skills and patterns that few in the NLP and Coaching community have the privilege to acquire.

Ericksonian Transformational Hypnosis Training

This certification training shows you how to access Ericksonian hypnosis skills to reach the mind’s unconscious source of wisdom, creativity and resources, to activate whatever is needed to achieve most any objective. 

MindBridge NLP & Professional Coach Certification Training is ICF (International Coach Federation) approved and 

ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) internationally credentialed.

MindBridge’s Promise

For the results of your NLP and Professional Life Coach Training to be truly effective it is important that learning takes place in a live, interactive training that uses a blend of demonstrations and supervised exercises with feedback that refines and integrates your learning experience. Also, you will want a balance of presentations with question and answer periods along with resource material that you can continue to use as you continue to further develop your skills.

That is exactly what you’ll find in our MindBridge NLP Professional Life Coach Training programs. You will be learning in a highly supportive atmosphere where the trainer and staff are fully available to assure your maximum results and you will receive the highest quality training manuals and support material. And the MindBridge NLP Coach Certification Training is ICF approvrd and is ANLP board credentialed. (Credentialing).

By Learning Influential Communication Skills You Can:

Why Choose MindBridge Training?

MindBridge NLP Trainings, with more than a quarter of a century of international experience, is considered one of the highest quality and most respected NLP & Coach Certification Training companies.

The MindBridge NLP Coach Dual Certification Training under review for ICF (International Coach Federation) approval and is ANLP (Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) credentialed. You will receive two internationally recognized certifications upon completing the MindBridge NLP Coach Training.

When taking an NLP and Coach Training it is essential to experience interaction with both the trainers and others in the course that will be your ‘clients’ throughout the training. The MindBridge NLP Training will give you instruction by world-renowned trainers, developers and authors Jerry Seavey and Marilou Seavey, who have more than thirty five years of training experience


NLP is a system of skills and tools to increase effectiveness in communication and for
creating results driven outcomes. It is recognized worldwide as a key to unlocking human potential. It is often referred to as a user’s manual for effective living.

NLP embodies numerous techniques— from changing limiting beliefs, clarifying and achieving goals, developing confidence, dealing with fears, to mastering life changes. It also deal with developing enhanced motivation and peak performance in business, personal life or sports. NLP is rich with tools and techniques to improve communication and personal effectiveness. It expands your ‘bandwidth’ for success.

The techniques and patterns of NLP allow you to identify and precisely  define your desired outcomes and then to generate access to the appropriate resources to accomplish the most effective possible  change.

Our perceptions are gathered through our five physical senses and we filter and interpret our experiences based on our interests, upbringing, preoccupation, memories and current state of mind.  Then our view of the world is further filtered by our individual experiences, beliefs, values and assumptions. We pay attention to certain information and delete other sometimes crucial information. We generalize, often assuming we already know, even when presented with ideas and concepts that could expand our possibilities. And we unconsciously distort our perception to maintain a sense of status quo.  NLP takes us far beyond all that, it greatly expands both awareness and capability.


Professionals, managers and salespeople have found that NLP Training gives them more powerful motivation, leadership and communication skills. They report being more able to identify their client’s needs and supply the service that is really wanted and valued.

Coaches who have an expanded repertoire of NLP skills are in demand because they can greatly enhance the results in the coaching experience.

Individuals involved in negotiations dramatically improved their ability to gather important criteria and reformulate desired outcomes to match their counterpart’s underlying needs.

Business Leaders develop a deeper understanding of how their particular discipline works and how to improve it.

People in the helping professions use NLP to effectively treat the emotional aspects as well as improving the trust and rapport so necessary for effective patient or client care.

People from all walks of life who are interested in their personal growth find the training provides a safe and secure environment to expand their experience. In addition to enhancing inner resources, awareness increases within the format of discovery and learning. Parents and teachers become more effective in their influential communication skills.

No matter what you want in life— NLP makes it easier. What will NLP training do for you? Benefits of NLP Coach Training

MindBridge offers a variety of trainings in both the public and corporate sector, from workshops to full certification trainings. The NLP Practitioner & Professional Coach – Dual CertificationTraining, the NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Training, and NLP & Coaching – Corporate and Business Trainings are the core NLP/Coaching Certification programs. There are additional NLP Application and Specialized Workshops.

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