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NLP Masters & Advanced Coaching Certification 

Tuition & Registration

Course Tuition


$500 (AED 1835)

Tuition is

(AED 15,763)

When paid by December 31


$300 (AED 1100)

Tuition is

(AED 16,497)

When paid by January 21

Full Tuition after January 21: $4,795 USD (AED 17,598)

VAT & all class materials and reinforcement learning are included
(your bank may apply a conversion fee from local currency to US dollars)

Course Facts

This certification training builds upon the initial skills you learned in NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification and presents the core principles underlying the change process. This training will take you beyond Coach Practitioner level to more generative transformation of beliefs and identity. Using advanced techniques, you will learn how to let go of old limiting belief systems and replace them with new, more empowering ones. You will experience the only certified training of Identity Presuppositions, a remarkable new process to install deep structure identity patterns.

*Pre-requisites: Attending this training requires prior NLP Practitioner & Professional Coach certification

Course Tuition

Preregistration is required


2024 Dates to be announced

Special Early Registration Tuition Discount – Save AED 2,202 ($600)

Pre-registration Discount: AED 14,662 ($3,995 US) 

Full Tuition without discount: AED 16,864 ($4,595)

Easy On Line Registration

VAT & all class materials and reinforcement learning are included (your bank may apply a conversion fee from local currency to US dollars)

Tuition Payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and direct Bank Transfers. If you are paying with a credit card click the Secure Registration button below. If you are paying by cash it is a simple process for your bank to transfer the funds to the MindBridge Trainings bank account (phone for bank transfer information).

Easy Registration

You may register by phone and we will take you through the easy registration and answer any questions. Please call and if we are with other clients or conducting a training, simply leave your name and phone number and the most convenient time for you to be reached. You can also contact Gemma on her WhatsApp number

MindBridge Dubai office: +971 52 765 6009
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MindBridge USA office: +919 869 7299
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MindBridge Dubai Representative, Gemma Frankland: WhatsApp 527656009

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