It was 1971 when the company now know as MindBridge NLP Training Institute began presenting personal and professional development programs in the Boston Massachusetts area. Within a few years our trainings were in such demand we began teaching courses throughout the US and in more than 18 countries, worldwide.

We have also brought into the Boston MA area some of the best and most respected trainers and innovative developers of NLP, such as Robert Dilts and other expert NLP authors and trainers.

MindBridge NLP Training Institute will continue to bring to the Boston area the best and leading edge programs and NLP trainings, such as the NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification Training, NLP Master Certification & Advanced Coaching and a wide variety of NLP Application Workshops and trainings


Boston Area Course Schedule  - TBA

NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner Dual Certification Training

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Marriott Courtyard, Woburn MA

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Session Dates Days Time
1 To Be Announced Friday 3PM – 8PM
Sat. & Sun. 9AM – 5:30PM
2 Friday 3PM – 8PM
Sat. & Sun. 9AM – 5:30PM
3 Friday 3PM – 8PM
Sat. & Sun. 9AM – 5:30PM
4 Friday 3PM – 8PM
Sat. & Sun. 9AM – 5:30PM


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